• Enterprise Mission
    Provide first-class products and services for defense equipment and industry customers
    To serve national defense equipment and high-end customers. Through continuous innovation, leading technology research and product development, providing high-performance electronic devices, components and equipment for national defense equipment manufacturing enterprises and supporting customers, and providing equipment, equipment and systems for new generation information technology, new energy and energy conservation and environmental protection customers. Continuously meet and exceed customer expectations with first-class services and products.
  • Enterprise vision
    Become the preferred supplier of domestic core components, industrial equipment and information system
    Compare with foreign counterparts, lead the development of technology, meet the needs of national defense and industry customers;
    Become the preferred supplier and partner of angle sensor, power transformation, smart transportation and other core devices, equipment and information system.
  • Core values
    People oriented, responsibility, teamwork, enterprising.
    Inheriting 716 cultures, in scientific research, production, business management and external activities, we should implement the people-oriented concept everywhere, and be brave to take responsibility for the country, society, customers,  and the environment. We should unite sincerely, make the full use of the collective wisdom and strength, and give full play to the overall strength and advantages of the team. We should never be satisfied, forge ahead, keep expanding and developing.
  • Corporate Strategic Policy
    Provide first-class products and services for defense equipment and industry customers

    Military civilian integration and coordinated development;
    Technology leading and cultivation advantages;
    Innovate the model, make it stronger and bigger.

  • Corporate Strategic Objectives
    Provide first-class products and services for defense equipment and customers

    We will implement the intensive growth strategy, increase investment in scientific and technological innovation and product development, establish a nationwide sales network, expand the leading advantages of shaft angle conversion devices, drive the development of military products such as related control components, electromechanical components, high reliable power supplies, and significantly increase the market share and industrial position of the smart city, intelligent transportation and LED lighting industries.